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June is the most popular month to tie the knot - and also the perfect time to pull off a wedding prank! :)

It's true, wedding prank ideas are more than enough and oftentimes it becomes overwhelming in choosing that perfect wedding prank to pull off. Some of them were also passé, not too convincing nor too effective these day anymore.

But with the humorous items offered by FakeNewspapers, you are guaranteed to have a blast in accomplishing an amusing wedding prank!

Wedding Photos

Image Source: khunaspix via FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

Here are just 5 crazy pranks using just a few from’s creative collection.

1. Fake News Article Prank

Order a personalized newspaper with the news that your wedding is canceled. Gosh, this wedding prank will be a total hit towards your wedding guests!

2. Fake Marriage Certificate Wedding Prank

Distribute the bride or groom’s marriage certificates with different people! Divulge the truth that your soon-to-be-spouse was married several times before! If you’re the groom, you can pull off this prank towards your soon-to-be wife. If you are the bride, then this is just a perfect joke to pull off before tying the knot!

3. Fake Wedding Newspaper Prank

Announce that the couple will be meeting the Queen of England on their honeymoon. Have this news printed on a personalized newspaper and pass it out among the guests. You can also put the article title "Wedding of the Year". See who's getting envious among your wedding guests!

4. In a Committed Relationship Certificate Wedding Prank

Have your fiance's name and his best man's name printed on the "In a Committed Relationship Certificate". Pull off a drama that you have just discovered that your fiancé and his best man are in a relationship as you found this certificate with their names. You can have his best man's wife or girlfriend help you with this despicable wedding prank!

5. Fake Cans Wedding Prank

Wanna prank your guests big time? Why not stack a pile of our Fake Cans beside your wedding table, filled with those mouthwatering dishes and appetizing delights? Imagine their horror looking at the Fake Cans with Camel Toe Soup, Kitten Ovaries, Dehydrated Mice, Testicles, etc. and a sign that says "These exotic ingredients have made these dishes heavenly." Make sure that they know where the restroom is so they can immediately get there before they puke with disgust! :'D

Have a blast on your wedding day with a blockbuster wedding prank!


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