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What Do We Sell?

We sell custom personalized newspapers for films, studios, birthdays, weddings, anniversarys, whatever you can think of!


We were the first and the original custom newspaper company on the web, established in 1999, and we've only gotten better. Many have copied but none have equalled (and they never will)! Our personalized products such as fake newspaper stories, customized newspaper gifts and real, whole newspapers have been used and seen in countless major on-stage performances, radio shows and even major movie productions! Untold entrepreneurs have used our newspapers to launch, kick-off and promote every kind of product, service and Grand Opening in the world. We specialize in making your unique newspaper gift for weddings, birthdays, parties and occasions and events you haven't even thought of yet. We can easily handle any size, large custom orders of hundreds of personalized newspapers or just one small custom headline clipping costing a few dollars for a birthday gift that's never forgotten. We even print newspapers for birth and death announcements (maybe your local newspaper didn't do the dearly departed justice!). Now you can celebrate the birth of your sister-in-law's DEMON SPAWN, or PROPERLY announce the passing of your BOSS FROM HELL. Look to us for ideas you've never even imagined!

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