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  • Where can I buy a custom newspaper?
    February 5, 2024

    Where can I buy a custom newspaper?

    You can build your own newspaper, with any story, headline, photos and more in 5 minutes!   4 Steps! Choose a size. Fill out the fields for your story or leave it blank. Add a photo or two if you like!...

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  • Three Ghost figurine and a pumpkin
    January 13, 2022


    Enjoy the Halloween season fully by keeping yourself and our friends entertained by getting hooked on a fun activity that will surely up your Halloween this 2018!

    It is truly fantastic planning for the perfectly scary Halloween ideas, prank or costume as it serves as the highlight of the occasion but given that it is the time to loosen up and have fun, it is suggested that you also plan for the activities that will be involved before, during and after the Halloween party!

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  • Book with Rose
    June 5, 2019


    It is just incredibly fascinating how a personalized fake book can bring so much fun and laughter to a mind-numbing time. How it could transform your regular day into a remarkable moment where you and your colleagues can relax momentarily and laugh with all the craziness through the fake books from 
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  • Fake Cans
    February 7, 2019

    Kitchen Pranks Just for You

    Does your mom love to cook? Is your sissy taking up some culinary course? Then the Fake Cans and Fake Ingredients from FakeNewspapers.Com are here to make you fulfill the craziest and the funniest kitchen prank ever! 
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  • Bride holding a bouquet of flowers
    January 27, 2019

    Top Wedding Pranks 2019

    Thinking of an absolutely awesome way to brighten up your year? Start your 2019 right with an amazing item that is also bound to spice up your relationships, be it with your significant other, your parents, your family, your friends, and even with your coworkers!
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