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Where can I buy a custom newspaper?

Where can I buy a custom newspaper?

You can build your own newspaper, with any story, headline, photos and more in 5 minutes!


4 Steps!

  • Choose a size.
  • Fill out the fields for your story or leave it blank.
  • Add a photo or two if you like!
  • Add it to your cart.

Its that easy!


We can even send you an email photo of your fake personalized newspaper the same day. Choose EXPRESS SHIPPING and have it within two days! Printed just like a real newspaper on real newsprint. Its the real deal!


Here is a crazy story fresh off the press from!


 Government Pushes Citizens to Find Ways to House Illegal Aliens

Recent developments including record numbers of illegal immigrants rushing the US southern border, and subsequent diversions of those aliens to so-called “Sanctuary Cities” across America, have prompted government officials, keen on importing as many aliens as possible into the United States, to begin putting pressure on private citizens to take the lion’s share of those immigrants into their own homes.

The government’s initial foray into this solution was to close public schools and send students home, and then fill those schools with illegal immigrants. When this was met with near-violence by the public, government officials decided that another tack would be to first “suggest” that private citizens take aliens into their own homes, thereby freeing up the schools for the students that paid for them, but then to threaten to forcibly require residents in certain regions to accept as many illegals as the square footage of their floorplans would accommodate. “We have a formula for that”, one official said. Got a three bedroom house and only three kids? Certainly, the government reasoned, that’s more space than you need, and such a dwelling could easily house six more adults, maybe more.

As one might anticipate, this too was met by the public with anger, derision, and threats of violence – except not by all of the public.

Casey Jones (aka Mark), a retired husband living just north of Carson City Nevada, and wife Stacy, reasoned that it was their patriotic duty to welcome as many as a dozen immigrants into their home.

“Heck,” they said. “The kids are gone, we have a huge, beautiful home with empty rooms, and we also have a lot of garage space that can be artfully converted to comfortable living areas. It’s sure as heck our civic duty to help these fine people out if we can, and we can!”

Neighbors have been dubious of the plan, stating that crime levels are already at the limit of what the community can tolerate, and to potentially bring in any additional problems isn’t fair to them, their children, or their way of life.

But the Jones remain undeterred, stating that they have already completed the first regimen of documents and forms required by state and Federal authorities, and that their first “guests” would be arriving by the end of the month, like it or not.

Neighbors are saying no. No way in Hell. And the sides are squaring off.

Government officials are promising heavy fines for residents who do not willingly comply with the new proposed guidelines, which are soon to become law.

This is a developing story to be updated as events unfold.



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