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The old school, traditional invitations made of paper do bring to mind the birthday parties, weddings and christening of simpler times. A time when people actually sat down and composed handwritten notes with care and thoughtfulness behind them.

Today, sadly, with the advent of technology and digital invites or e-vites and ecards, we have lost this old times art form.

We sometimes wonder, do paper invitations matter anymore? Do paper invitations still have the same effect on people? And is it necessary in this day and age?

The answer is a wholeheartedly "Yes"! Paper invites are still highly recommended and birthday party paper invitations still provide that heartwarming feel. Baby shower paper invites and other paper invitations for parties and event provide that raw touching and inviting feel.

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Find out below why paper invitations are still the best:

1. We rely so much on the technology that we tend to forget that there is such a thing as paper. In these new paperless societies, we are cultivating paper is becoming a lost commodity. For a person used to getting an email, asking them to click a button to RSVP a paper invitation is a truly welcome change!

2. It lets your potential guests know just how important your event really is to you. People tend to prioritize attending events and yours will stick out on their calendar.

3. Getting something they can actually hold in their hands gets their attention is a milestone or a source of pride taken for whatever your event may be.

4. Paper invitations are a practical and useful way to let people know something big is about to happen and they should mark their calendars for your special occasion.

5. Paper invites also serve as a constant, physical reminder. It's there and they can actually see the invite. It's not tucked away, hidden in a sea of emails in your relatives' or friends' inbox. Invitations made of paper find their way on to people's refrigerators, office desk, dressers, drawers, and other places that your guests can always see and be reminded of your upcoming event. Even if they do not want to attend, they will definitely rethink that decision as your invitation is 'inviting'.

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6. There are many occasions missed because some didn't check, couldn't access, or no longer use that email address anymore. Getting in touch may be easier but isn't always as reliable as a good, old fashioned paper invitation mailed to them or given in person.

7. Paper invitations are not only personal but they invite a response from your potential guests.

8. Usually, when people get invited with a paper invite, it looks 'official' and therefore provides them that feeling of the need to respond. Not only because good etiquette dictates so but they appreciate the effort you went through to make and get this special invite into their hands. The chances of your guests to RSVP you is very high than receiving a copy-pasted, generic electronic invite sent via social media or email.

9. A paper invite makes the impression that you want this particular person at your event when personally giving a paper invite. Paper invitations have a way of making it to the hands of those that are destined to recieve them.

10. Paper invitations are a wonder to hold. They are usually inherently beautiful, handcrafted pieces of art that hold your special event in its grasp. They are also fun! From the classy wedding invites with their lace and decorations, to the kid's one that have pop up cartoon characters with music to boot, you can customize these little gems of paper to be anything your party theme reflects or what your or the celebrant's heart desires. The look and the luxurious feel of the adorable pieces of paper will complete your event's unique and unforgettable overall look!

So if you're planning an event and have to decide on what sort of invites to send, the traditional paper invites are still highly recommended. It's a welcoming choice from the norm and what has become acceptable way of sending invitations. Paper invitations are a welcome change to the conventional way of doing things. In this digital age, a paper invite is a breath of fresh air!

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