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Fake Newspaper


When you're gonna give some presents soon, bear in mind to have something that would put a beam on the receiver's face - a genuine one at that! So how will you be able to achieve that? While we'd love to get some fancy and flashy stuff on our birthday, the value and excitement towards those items may soon fade. What if you've been wearing that luxurious watch over and over again? What if you've already gained so many compliments sporting that Gucci bag? It's so much better aiming to transform the celebrant's day from a happy one into a memorable occasion. Let them feel that they're special, and that you just didn't use your money alone in making them feel awesome, but you've deeply thought about them, their personality and what would truly put them in high spirits. If you're leaning towards this kind of accomplishment, then it's about time to consider having a personalized small size newspaper as a gift!

Fake Newspaper


With a size of about 6 x 9 inches, the personalized small size newspaper looks extremely valid - it's got torn edges like it has just been detached from a regular newspaper! There's a myriad of choices as to when to use a personalized small size newspaper. Be creative enough as to what content you would want to appear on the newspaper. You can place a tale, a funny anecdote, or an amusing story about the celebrant. Honor his talent by including an artistic piece which was created by him. Indicate his success story or any other interesting stuff that he may find heartwarming and would add to the celebration’s joyful mood. Or if you just want to make someone laugh, why not capture his reaction when he spots his photo up on Reuters?

You can also use a personalized small size newspaper on anniversaries, baptisms, as well as a gag gift for a bridal party, bachelorette or bachelor parties, awards, stage shows and movie productions. You can even use it for a DIY project, scrapbooking or anything that you think may serve its purpose. Having a prank activity in mind? Sure you can use a personalized small size newspaper in accomplishing that! There are so many possibilities as long as you have an artistic thought and a well-planned implementation!

The best part is that you'd get to choose between Quantity 1 where you'd get 10 copies, and Quantity 2 which comes with 20 copies. With this, you can have multiple ways of spreading the fun!



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