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In response to the recent terror attack in Nice, France, in which a fanatical Islamist rammed a large cargo truck for two or three kilometers along a busy promenade, killing dozens, Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton spoke out loudly concerning "truck control". She cited the incident as being completely avoidable if not for the easy access to trucks that terrorists and other criminals enjoy.

"If I am elected president, I will ban all big trucks!"Hillary announced. "It's time this madness was stopped in its tracks." She later went on to explain that tens of thousands of jobs could be created by forcing manufacturers to move their goods in cars and minivans."I intend to bring real change to America," she said.

Donald Trump was shown shaking his head and smiling, but offered no comment -- a rarity for the usually-outspoken candidate.

Hillary said that banning large trucks across America would also save countless lives because even legitimate drivers of large commercial transport trucks are "the most dangerous element on our highways, even surpassing drunk drivers."

NTSB statistics clearly show that over 75% of all car-truck accidents are documentably caused by the car, but Ms. Clinton was unmoved by the figures, suggesting that perhaps the current director of the NTSB start looking for new employment.

"We can save lives in a variety of ways," she screeched. "Does the nation really need so many steak knives? How about rocks and bricks? I think not! Sticks can be sharpened into spears. Dogs can be trained to bite. Even baseball bats are used to kill every single year. I think that we, as Americans, can do better!"

The crowd roared approval and Ms. Clinton smiled and smiled.....not unlike the Grinch. 


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