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Fake Certificate


Need an astonishing anniversary gift for your better half? How about surprising her with a vow renewal that will surely make your spouse fall in love with you even more? But what if you don't have any budget for that, or don't have the energy to pull it off? You can certainly give your dear husband or beloved wife a gift that they will find truly unforgettable. A jewelry or a vacation maybe? But what if you still do not have any money for that? It's about time to take this opportunity to give her a gift that your spouse will cherish forever. An item that expresses your endless love for your husband, or a gift that signifies your undying love for your wife. The fake marriage certificate may be the ideal gift that you could give to the person whom you're gonna spend the rest of your life with! 

Fake Certificate

This is also a perfect gag gift to be used in pranks and bridal parties. A fake marriage certificate will surely add a hilarious touch to any event and party. You can also have it framed instead of your original ones, so you could keep your actual marriage certificates and ensure that they won't get torn or destroyed.

The design of this fake marriage certificate is lovely and tasteful. This is absolutely more attractive to be posted on your bedroom or living room wall, rather than the standard marriage certificates, with boring look. You can have it personalized by providing your data, or order it blank so you can write your names on the fields. 


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