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Shooting Target


Shooting Target

Listen to the ringing of Christmas bells, while shrieking, laughing and giggling!

These highly entertaining personalized shooting targets will make your holiday even more enthralling! Finding those usual Christmas games and activities that you've been participating every single year getting monotonous and deadly boring? The personalized shooting targets from FakeNewspapers will let you all have a moment of hilarity, all while gaining therapy! Choose an image of the person whom the whole family or clan hated big time, then compete with each other whoever aims the best. It's fun. It's therapeutic. And it's a one-of-a-kind activity for the whole family!

This could also serve as a mind-blowing gift! The personalized shooting targets will not only make your recipient happy, they will also thank you for helping them in their anger management. LOL! This season, make sure that you give a unique, and tremendously awesome present. Something that will make them feel special, like this personalized shooting targets from FakeNewspapers!

Use darts, a pellet gun, an air-gun, a pistol, handgun, rifle, shotgun, BB gun, paintball, slingshot, bows, etc. This is good for indoor and outdoor activities.

Have this Personalized Shooting Targets this Christmas!


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