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All NEW products and an all NEW Website!
All NEW products and an all NEW Website!



Write, create and arrange a Fake News in the funniest and most entertaining way!

Fake news is controversial. But, if you want to include a fake news activity — be it a fake news prank, fake news surprise or a fake newspaper as a gift, then do it in a tasteful, amusing and efficient manner with the help of the fantastic personalized fake newspapers from!

Need a personalized fake newspaper for that much-awaited prank on April Fools, Halloween or on your family's next to get together? Don't worry, got you covered! There are plenty of styles and sizes to choose from, and the best part of it is that you are guaranteed of legitimate-looking fake newspapers that will trick even your journalist friends or your dad who reads the newspaper every morning!

Customize a newspaper article into a plot or news in your mind and prank your family and friends with a hilarious fake newspaper prank. Shock them real good!

Planning to give a cherish-worthy gift that the celebrant will find very amusing and fun? A personalized fake newspaper is perfect! Your gift recipient will love the concept of it 'coz it's something fresh, unique and totally personalized. It's a stunning gift that they won't only put on display; it's a special item that they can browse, revisit, and will allow them to relive a heartfelt moment!

The Personalized Fake Newspapers from are printed with real ink and on real newsprint paper. So, you are promised of an authentic-looking newspaper that is suitable for any fake newspaper prank and could also be perfect as a wedding newspaper or birthday gift!

Discover plenty of templates for your superb Personalized Fake Newspaper HERE.

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