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Calling the attention of bookworms, of aspiring writers, bloggers or those who are so into expressing their thoughts by writing. FakeNewspapers has just recently launched a “Personalized book” where a book cover can be customized the way you want it, with blank pages. This is perfect if you need a journal that would serve as a draft, where you can get a feel of what you are writing. Want to laugh out loud? Then use this as the highlight for your "I'm already a novelist!" Halloween prank. A personalized book is also an amazing present for a person whose lifelong dream is to become a writer - who knows? This might be an initial step in inspiring him to start writing. It is also a very functional and useful item that your recipient will surely be grateful for. A personalized book can also be utilized as a one-of-a-kind organizer - your schoolmates, colleagues and friends will surely get interested when they see your personalized book - your very own!

Book Cover

The personalized book contains about 350 blank pages. You provide the Title, the Title position, Author, the position of the Author's name, Publisher, the position of the Publisher's name, Image, and how you want the said image to be placed. You can also indicate if you have additional instructions to the Designers. See how easy it is to customize it? All that it requires are the information that you want to be applied, then Tada- set yourself for an exciting feeling of anticipation while waiting for your personalized book!

Book Cover

The size of this personalized book is estimated to be 3.75 inches wide, and about 6.5 inches tall, which resembles a regular paperback.

Learn more about the FakeNewspapers' Personalized Books as a gift, for a Halloween prank, or for any awesome purpose that it may serve on this page: Personalized Book - Create Your Own Book Cover And Rest Of The Book Is Blank!


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