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All NEW products and an all NEW Website!
All NEW products and an all NEW Website!
Giant Check


Giant Check

Finding something that would serve as a perfect gift, a perfect prize or a perfect prank? Perfect! ‘Coz you've come to the right place! has become one of the country's most established provider of exciting personalized newspapers and documents, and our Giant Big Check collection will leave you speechless because of its realistic look — but just remarkably bigger!

The Giant Checks from resemble a real check, but you can have it in a gargantuan and humongous size that will fascinate you big time!

If you're leaning towards the perfect way to end your charity or fundraising event with a tasteful surprise, a Giant Check is an excellent choice to present your donation in a more appealing and exciting way. Personalize it by providing your organization or group's logo, image and any other details. You can even pick a color to make the event even more fun!

Want to spice up your next surprise for your fam? If you're planning to gift them with a family holiday, then put your budget and the title of your treat to them on a Giant Check and make the announcement for your family’s most memorable day ever!

If you want to pull a prank on your beloved siblings or buddies, tell them that they've won a cash prize by presenting a Giant Check with the $5 USD amount. Or prank them by showing them that you've won a million bucks on a Giant Check — see their reactions, perhaps they'll be much nicer to you this time?

For as low as $9.95 USD, you can get a high-quality Giant Check that's pretty impressive.

However you use a Giant Check, it's gonna be so much fun, guaranteed!


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