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Vomiting red smiley


Vomiting red smiley

Image Source: ClkerFreeVectorImages / 29621 images via Pixabay under the CC0 Public Domain.

Out of this world? We certainly got them!

Make some else's day even brighter than ever. Cheer up someone who's close to falling into a state of loneliness and hopelessness by showing them that there are certain hilarious moments in our life that shouldn’t be missed and definitely be appreciated. Let them feel that they are important with these fake cans and the other gag gifts from that they won't find anywhere else!

An exceptional pranking ability isn’t actually required in accomplishing a gagging task with flying colors! Just let your creativity to create a realistic atmosphere flow naturally, and make sure to control the urge – the urge to laugh while pulling off this fake cans prank!

Want to make someone feel so damn special? Why not prepare their favorite dish? Play some amazing background music and bring them into a wonderful conversation with you. Then ask them how they find the meal that they’re about to finish. Is it yummy? Of course they’d say that they are truly enjoying the delectable meal that you have just prepared. Then slowly show, as if recommending, a can with “Kitten Ovaries”. Imagine their disgust in eventually realizing that the food that they are relishing turns out to be an exotic one!

Or tell your prank victim that you have just cooked a recipe that’s rich in Calcium, and that she won’t have any problems with his bones in the future. Then present to him the fake can of “Cameltoe Soup” – with a label showing that it’s a good source of Calcium. #Drools

Got a man-hater pal and want to treat her to the most delirious moment of her life? Serve up a menu where a can of “Teticles de France” is included. Don’t worry! No ‘Friendship Over’ scenario will happen, as all of you will just have an amazing time immersing yourself in a unique kind of hilarity with these fake cans!

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