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Fake Certificate of Knighthood


Fake Certificate of Knighthood

Fake certificates are so cool to have and to hold! :D has been offering several fake certificates to promote happiness and uplift the people around you. 

Now you can make anyone (or even yourself) a knight, anytime, anywhere! With the Fake Certificate of Knighthood, you can easily get royalty knighted in as easy as 1, 2, 3! If you know someone who's delusional in becoming a knight, then this fake certificate of knighthood will at least make his lifelong wish come true!

Fake Marriage Certificate

The Fake Marriage Certificates will surely juice up your relationship with your man! If you're already living together, then posting a fake marriage certificate up on your bedroom wall will somehow remind you of your long-term goals - no need to fight over trivial matters, coz what you and your significant other share is real! Aww, sweet!

Fake Marriage Certificate

Es usted español? Or is your partner Spanish? Regardless, seeing the Spanish Fake Marriage Certificate will make you and your family smile for sure. Say "Te Amo" using a Spanish fake certificate!

Here are other ways on where and how to use the fake certificates from Fake Newspapers

1. To spice up your boring wall at home.

2. To make your celebration extra exciting.

3. To serve as an ideal gift.

4. To be used as an item in recognition of someone for a job well done

5. To protect your authentic certificates.

And many more!

Printed on a glossy, high-quality paper, you would get two copies for your order, with the personalized information, as you have wanted for your fake certificates


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