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Knight armor


Knight armor

Image Source: gianfrancodebei / 53 images via Pixabay

Fancy having a certificate of knighthood or in doubt as to where and when to use 'em? Don't worry! We have compiled 5 instances where you can certainly use, gift or even keep a certificate of knighthood. FakeNewspapers .com offers a fake certificate of knighthood that looks incredibly genuine, no one will ever notice that it's a phony one, at first glance! They might even have to look twice as they read your name on it – while scratching their heads in confusion!

Where to use a certificate of knighthood:

1. Knighthood and medieval-themed parties.

Times have changed and celebrations become more exciting, unique and bolder. Birthdays, weddings and other events that are knighthood-inspired or medieval themed are perfect occasions where you can use a fake certificate of knighthood.

2. As a birthday gift for a knighthood enthusiast.

Does your friend collect knighthood items? Is he an ultimate medieval film fan? Does your buddy constantly dream of becoming a knight one day, or he just can't avoid daydreaming that he's actually exists in a medieval era? Then you already know what to do!

3. As a prank item.

How about pranking your friend overseas that you have just been granted as a knight? He may realize that you were just joking all along, but I'm sure that you'd surprise him and give him a hard laugh with that 5-minute prank.

4. As a keepsake for a childhood friend.

Remember your best buddy whom you've been playing warriors, knights, armies, etc., when you were just kiddos? This is a great gift or an ideal memento give to him on his birthday, stag party (What? Well yeah, it’s ok!) or wedding.

5. For personal use.

Whether you are a self-narcissistic, want to add some edge to your living room wall, love to have a medieval interior design theme this year, or simply love to see your name on a certificate of knighthood to fulfill your knighthood fantasies, a fake certificate of knighthood will certainly make your day even brighter!

Do you have any ideas as to where and how you could use a fake certificate of knighthood? Comment on below or share your suggestion on Facebook or Twitter


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