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A man and woman drinking coffee with their dog


A man and woman drinking coffee with their dog

Thinking of ways on how to spice up your upcoming Thanksgiving Day celebration? Wanna level up and make the occasion a little edgier, funnier and more unforgettable? Well, FakeNewspapers.Com can certainly help you attain a superior and definitely more tremendous Thanksgiving Day experience with our vast array of funny novelty items and gag toys, meant to strengthen and inspire your family this coming Thanksgiving Day!

Laughter is indeed the best medicine. It gives you a refreshing feeling and changes your mood. How good it is to feel refreshed and inspired with your loved ones on a very special day! To achieve this, make sure that you will incorporate a funny stuff and an enjoyable activity for everyone on this holiday.

Let the whole family or clan solve a Giant Crossword Puzzle, big enough to keep everyone engaged! You can personalize the Giant Crossword Puzzle from FakeNewspapers.Com with a theme that the whole family will surely love. Funny, disgusting, wacky - your choice!

Or perhaps, make the whole situation even more shocking by pulling off a 'Just Got Married' prank. Show a realistic Fake Marriage Certificate of you and your boyfriend, to your parents and tell them that you have just been married secretly. This is gonna be one outrageous and memorable prank, guaranteed!

Choose from the super hilarious Pre-Written Funny Fake Newspaper Articles from FakeNewspapers.Com and prank them that the said 'news' is really happening. From the articles "LOCAL MAN CLAIMS WORLD RECORD BALL OF PUBIC" to ""ORGAN HARVESTERS" STRIKE AGAIN", up to the "MAN ARRESTED ON CHARGE OF GOAT MOLESTATION" article, everyone will surely laugh... for hours!

Or better yet, serve a sumptuous meal on Thanksgiving Day and reveal to them a secret ingredient which you have recently used: The Cameltoe Soup, Pig's Eyes or Dehydrated Mice. See more exotic and shocking ingredients here: Fake Cans

With these cool items, it is just right to predict that you and your family are going to have a spectacularly engaging and fun Thanksgiving Day!

Image Source: 5688709 / 6 images via Pixabay under the Creative Commons CC0 license.


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