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Fake Cans


Fake Cans

Know someone who's a chef, a cook or got a family member or a friend who works in the food or restaurant industry? This is the perfect fake recipe prank for them and arguably the best gag to pull off towards them!

The Fake Cans from FakeNewspapers.Com may pass for the most exciting gag item in the world! It's an outstanding gift for a friend who loves funny and weird stuff. But it is definitely a pranking piece that is bound to give you and your victims loads of fun and laughter!

Recommend your chef, cook or restaurateur friend the FakeNewspapers.Com's Fake Cans and devise a pranking escapade! Plan for a fake recipe prank using the disgusting and despicable ingredients shown on the Fake Cans labels. Then prepare a delicious meal that your victims cannot resist. After that, put them in the most shocking moment of their lives by showing them the ingredients that you have added to the delish meal that you have adoringly arranged - Fried Ants or Cameltoe Soup! You can also tour them around the kitchen where you prepared your "specialty" and see their reaction while they find the Fake Cans everywhere! :D

If you are planning to carry out a prank towards the chef or cook himself, invite them to come over your place for an occasion as you will be preparing a dish that has made you won at the local cooking competition or maybe a meal that you have used as a highlight during your cooking classes. Of course, serve them a genuinely delicious meal - then aghast them big time with the fake cans containing the ingredients that you have "lovingly" added in creating that spectacular dish - Fingernail Clippings or Dehydrated Mice!

Aside from its fake recipe prank usage, these Fake Cans are also ideal for decorative purposes. Embellish your home with it, display it in your office or in the car and increase the funny vibe and positivity around with the hilarity and humor brought about by these original, one-of-a-kind and totally entertaining Fake Cans from FakeNewspapers.Com!


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