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Fake Certificate


Fake Certificate

What could be the best time to announce that you're engaged? This is definitely up to you! And what could be the perfect moment to declare a fake wedding or a gag marriage? Of course, it's gonna be on the most awaited April Fool's Day! Make it big with an April Fools prank!

Make your April Fool's Day bigger, better and funnier this year without even lifting a single finger! If you are a lazy prankster then the Fake Marriage Certificate prank is the perfect gag for you. Avoid the huge costs, steer clear of spending hours setting up a complicated prank and avoid the possibility of a failed practical joke. All you need is a simple plan as to where, when and to whom you'll carry out your prank, and the item that shows you are indeed getting married or have just gotten married.

If you are also getting tired with those dull-looking certificates, replace it with a tasteful marriage certificate from FakeNewspapers.Com to add a sparkle into a dull living room wall and impress your guests. You may also use it as a wedding shower gift, a bachelorette party item or an anniversary present. It looks so fun and so real with the notary-type stamp found on the upper left. Personalize it by providing information which you want to be included on the certificate, or simply order a blank one. The certificates are pressure embossed too, so you are promised of an authentic looking marriage certificate.

FakeNewspapers.Com offers loads of fake marriage certificate designs to choose from. From renaissance themed, classy, minimalist, or professional looking, to bold, edgy and out-of-this world backgrounds, it's a guarantee that there's a fake marriage certificate design just for you.

Order a Fake Marriage Certificate for your April Fools prank and receive it in 1 to 2 days on this page: Fake Marriage Certificates


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