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All NEW products and an all NEW Website!
All NEW products and an all NEW Website!
Top Secret


Top Secret

Our Custom Shooting Targets are set to give your party that much-needed transformation. It also promises  to invigorate a boring day and also add a dash of fun to a regular weekday. Playing shooting targets is a great recreation, and imagine the fun if you are about to play on a personalized shooting target with a strikingly funny background or an eye-catching image as its backdrop!

Playing shooting targets ups the happy atmosphere at home or at work. Have an engaging moment with this activity with your family and it will surely become a great bonding moment! Place a humorous shooting target board on a safe place at work, so you and your colleagues avoid getting overwhelmed, and find time enjoying it while on break.

Release your pent up anger by having a shooting target game! If someone has annoyed you big time or was being mean to you and your group, why not order a personalized shooting target with that person’s photo as its background? Your group will have an amazing time holding a game, aiming and shooting the image of his face!

Hate a politician or a public figure? Irritated by a celeb or a movie character? You’ve guessed it right! Express your anger and dislike towards them, without them knowing, by playing shooting targets with their pictures on the shooting target board! It’s a great activity for a party or get-together!

Need something inspiring? You can also have your favorite photo, such as a stunning scenery, your favorite place or a cute image customized to your shooting targets. Go ahead and be soothed by the dazzling backdrop!

Want a more exciting shooting target board to practice on? FakeNewspapers.Com will surely deliver! For only $22.95, you’d get a personalized shooting target that measures about 27 x 27 inches.

Get ready to have an awesome time! Order the FakeNewspapers.Com’s Personalized Shooting Targets HERE!


*Image Source: HypnoArt / 3696 images via Pixabay under the CC0 Public Domain license.


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