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Donald Trump's long-awaited announcement of a vice presidential running mate was delayed due to the tragedies in Nice, France, but when he finally did announce his choice, most were not surprised.

Trump said the nation needs more than one strong hand at the helm in these trying times, and he felt his pick was by far the best option for America.

"I've known and worked with this man a long, long time," said Trump. "I've seen him work wonders amid chaos, and I've seen him stand up to and prevail over adversities that would have crushed any mortal man. Trust me; this is who we need."

Rival Hillary Clinton was quoted as saying she wholeheartedly approved of Trump's choice, noting that she couldn't have picked a better person herself. Clinton said she was amazed at Trumps insight, but said it was consistent with Donald's typical behavior and decision-making processes going back decades, in every aspect of his life.

News and television outlets covered the story with only mild interest, because so many had predicted this choice and few were surprised.

Newt Gingrich, conversely, was surprised, saying he felt he was a significantly better choice than PeeWee Herman, citing longer experience in government. "What does he [PeeWee] bring to the table? asked Gingrich. "I think I could have done a somewhat better job. Clearly I could have. Right?"

Newt said he wasn't bitter, and vowed to work to support the Trump/Herman team, acknowledging that PeeWee was a better choice than Hillary in the war against terror. "At least that's something," said Newt.


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