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Fake Newspaper


Now that all the busyness and all those hustle and bustle during the holiday rush are now over, it is about time to relax and take a breather with the easiest and perhaps the funniest prank ever - a fake article newspaper prank!

Yes, that's right! Holding a funny antic just several days after celebrating the two of the most awaited holidays of the year is absolutely a topnotch idea. M any people feel burnt out, are stressed and super exhausted from all the fuss during the season that has passed. While some feel positive about what the new year may bring to their lives, some feel pressured while other experience a some sort of sluggishness in getting back to work and completing the tasks left undone for the holidays.

Don't worry! Getting keyed up to face the beautiful year of 2017 is easy! Try browsing the marvelously humorous and totally unique Pre-Written articles from FakeNewspapers and you will find yourself starting to giggle, then feeling all amused and ready to kickstart your bright and happy new year!

Speaking of funny (and scandalous!), one of the best pre-written articles offered by FakeNewspapers is this outrageous news about the guy who was arrested again for indecent exposure.

Fake Newspaper

This article will surely become a hit everywhere! Post a copy of it at home and tease your hubby or wifey! Show it to your mom or dad and let them believe that it is authentic news! Place it on your office's board and see your colleagues' multiple reactions. Stick it on your local bulletin board and liven up your getting-all-boring neighborhood vibe!

You are more than welcome to provide a name (fictional or real) to make this wacky article even more realistic and utterly spicier! Use it to entertain yourself, or to make your friends laugh. You can even make use of this to take revenge for that person who bullies all the time! There are endless possibilities as to where and when to use this funny fake newspaper article for entertainment purposes!

Printed on a real newspaper material, with high quality images and professionally written content, you are guaranteed of the best, the most realistic, first-rate fake newspapers in the world!

Choose from the following sizes and quantities:

Whole Size is a two-sheet, eight-page WHOLE newspaper WITH HEADLINE

Poster Size is HUGE, printed on stiffer poster stock; one page WITH HEADLINE

Small Size is SMALL -- roughly a 6 x 9 inch "Pocket Clipping" with NO HEADLINE

Tabloid is tabloid sized, smaller than the Enquirer; one sheet, two pages each WITH HEADLINE

Full size is one full page, NOT one full SHEET; it's an INSIDE half-sheet page with NO HEADLINE

Hurry up and order this wondrously comical and unbelievably entertaining pre-written article for your newspaper prank from the world's number one provider of fake articles printed on authentic newspaper sheet -


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