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All NEW products and an all NEW Website!
All NEW products and an all NEW Website!
Fake Certificate


Fake Certificate

Need to make a proposal for real? Need to pull off a fake proposal prank? Need to carry out a fake wedding joke? Need to shock your friends and relatives with a fake marriage certificate gag? Or do you simply want to make your grandma and grandpa totally ecstatic and happy with a gorgeous personalized marriage certificate that honors their inspiring union? Whatever it is, you can rest assured that FakeNewspapers.Com got you covered!

The huge selection of fake wedding certificates and personalized marriage certificates will amaze you big time! We are sure that you will have an immensely magnificent time picking the best, as they all look stunning enough! No worries if you need a medieval or renaissance-type marriage certificate, as we can certainly provide you with a fake marriage certificate of this style!

Leaning towards a chic and striking-looking marriage certificate? We'd be happy to help you personalize it for you! Enjoy browsing through a charming assortment of fake marriage certificates from FakeNewspapers.Com… Pink, fuchsia, red, peach, etc. there's gotta be an ideal fake marriage certificate for the exciting prank that you are visualizing!

Need an eccentric-themed certificate, a Halloween-inspired, or something odd or adventurous? This is gonna be your first time to witness the edgiest and the boldest fake marriage certificates ever! Even a marriage certificate that's peppered with canine and molars is available!

If you simply want a professional looking marriage certificate just like the ones you normally see, we have plenty of legitimate-looking fake marriage certificates just for you!


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