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All NEW products and an all NEW Website!
All NEW products and an all NEW Website!
Wedding Photos


Just recently engaged? Congratulations! We hope that although the road to a dream wedding is oftentimes overwhelming, wedding planning is surely an experience that will make your union even more exciting and blissful. Couples tend to discuss a multitude of things during this stage, brainstorm ideas, even argue at times, but come to think of it, the time to plan for your wedding is indeed the perfect opportunity for you to bond with your future husband or wife! Planning for that dream wedding is certainly a rewarding experience, and it's just right to say that even though wedding planning is both expensive and exhausting, it surely is super-duper fun!

Wedding Photos

Source: OmarMedinaFilms / 159 images via Pixabay under CC0 Public Domain

The most essential question to ask yourselves are "What wedding theme should we use?". You don't really need to restrict yourself to a single theme. Better to enjoy, as your wedding happens only once - we hope so! A lot of couples come up with a main theme, and incorporate the other sub-themes that they both want. But if you fancy a theme that’s one-of-a-kind, refreshing and you really lean towards a vintage-inspired theme wedding, then you might just fall in love with a newspaper-themed wedding.

Have you read about the journalist couple who had a newspaper-themed wedding? It was just brilliant and tastefully executed. But you don't need to be journalists or full-fledged writers to have the freedom of using a newspaper motif. Newspaper themes are perfect for couples who love to travel, love to read, and would also be great for those who want to add some touch of vintage, an air of boho, or express a rustic aura to their weddings. FakeNewspapers.comhas a wide range of personalized newspapers ready to fulfill your wedding needs.

With FakeNewspapers, you can have the following wedding needs of yours fully met:

- wedding invites

- Save the Dates / RSVP's

- wedding programs

- table decoration or accent to table centerpieces.

- Thank You notes

- Guest book or Dedication Boards or sheet

- Bachelorette or Bachelor party item


“Frank and Jen’s Love Story”


Fake Newspaper
Fake Newspaper


Find the perfect personalized newspaper for your newspaper-themed wedding on this page: PERSONALIZED WEDDING NEWSPAPER


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