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One-of-a-kind Personalized Marriage Certificates

Are you getting tired of the standard look of marriage certificates that you wish somehow you can have a marriage certificate that looks fun and nice, and something that reflects you and your partner's personalities? Don't worry! You can of course still get to keep your legitimate marriage certificates anyway; but now more than ever, you can hang an exciting and beautifully-decorated fake marriage certificate to spice up your dull wall. Thanks to FakeNewspapers.Com!

FakeNewspapers.Com does not only provide exceptionally-crafted personalized newspapers. We are proud to offer our loyal and new customers the opportunity to have fun, beautify their homes and offices, or simply make their awesome celebrations and milestones more memorable and delightful. We believe that despite the fact that the digital world is changing the way people think and act these days, we still feel a certain kind of spark, a genuine kind of happiness and an authentic feeling of glee whenever we see, hold or receive an item that gives us the feeling of yesteryears. Classic items that are personalized do give that feeling of nostalgia—and that is absolutely special!

We have a great collection of Personalized Marriage Certificates that are bound to suit any taste, personality and preferences. From the 1800s-themed, to our marriage certificates with fun designs and different colors, to our themed marriage certificates that are sure to make everyone laugh, you are assured of a high-quality marriage certificate that will reflect all your requests!

Our marriage certificates that have the standard look is amazing because you won't be able to notice that it's not legitimate. It looks absolutely authentic that's why most of our customers who needed a replacement, a duplicate, or something to keep or hang on the wall that looks like a real certificate love our personalized marriage certificates with a standard design.

If your wedding theme matches one of our personalized marriage certificate designs, you can even order it and include it to your wedding celebration to match your wedding theme and motif!

If you needed something to add some color, fun and sparkle to your home, make it cozy and fascinating by hanging a skull-themed or teeth-themed fake marriage certificate. Your visitors will never ignore your eccentric and artful wall, for sure. Make a statement!

Our Personalized Marriage Certificates are also great for pranks and proposals. Prank your friends that you and your boyfriend have been married, or send a copy of a fake marriage certificate to your family or friends overseas that shows you've just been married to a popular Hollywood actor. Naughty!

Propose to your partner in a surprising but tasteful and funny manner by presenting a Personalized Marriage Certificate. Truly a distinct proposal for the love of your life!

Choose from our fun, glamorous and bizarre Personalized Fake Marriage Certificates now! 

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