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Fake certificate


Fake certificate

Need a crazy gift for your significant other? FakeNewspapers.Com, the world leader when it comes to personalized newspapers and personalized marriage certificates, is happy to offer you the wackiest, the craziest and the nastiest personalized marriage certificate ready to astound your partner or recipient when they least expect it!

Surprise your dear husband, boyfie, or significant other with a funny marriage certificate that's out of this world. No need to settle for a boring-looking marriage certificate. Now you and your husband can enjoy seeing a wild or wicked marriage certificate up on your bedroom wall, chronicling your love for each other and years of being together.

Waiting for too long for your boyfriend or girlfriend to pop the question? Now is the best time to nudge them! Order a personalized marriage certificate with your name and your bf/gf's name on it and surprise them with this piece of artistry that may make them rethink their lives, and encourage them to ask the much-awaited question that you have been waiting for all along.

If you and your partner prefer not to tie the knot as of yet, a personalized marriage certificate is a brilliant way to express your love and commitment to each other. Seeing your framed personalized marriage that includes your names reflects the ties that bind the two of you, regardless if your union is bound buy a piece of paper or not.

For vow renewals and anniversaries, a personalized marriage certificate with a terrifying or an extreme design is a perfect gift for your partner or the celebrants themselves. Frame it up and swathe it with a beautifully decorated wrapper or using this Custom Personalized Gift Wrap and be guaranteed with those smiles, beams and a sweet sense of appreciation.

Our Personalized Marriage Certificates are also perfect for gagging activities, fairs and wedding parties. Some often use it to prank others if they want to prove that they are really married to David Beckham or Leonardo DiCaprio, LOL!

Choose from these unbelievable personalized marriage certificates on this page: Personalized Marriage Certificates


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