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Uproariously Funny Pre-Written Fake Newspapers

Are you getting effing tired of receiving the same old, same old birthday presents? If you are then you are lucky to know the feeling of receiving a gift that's dreary and boring. Of course, you don't have any other choice but to say "Thank you!" and pretend that you really fell in love with it, but come on, admit it! It's gonna be thrown into the attic or get rewrapped to be given as a gift to your teacher or aunt's birthday!

Now that you know that sort of feeling, it's about time to change your gifting ways. Think about this, you've already exerted some effort and have even been willing to spend a portion of your hard earned cash, so why not give someone a terrifically out of the ordinary gift that'll surely put not only a smile on the receiver's face, but a massive laughter and chortle afterwards!

The pre-written funny fake newspapers from are the wackiest and funniest fake newspapers available that will certainly make the celebrant extraordinarily pleased. Browse through hundreds of stories that would complement your receiver's personality or find news that'll make him relate to. From stories about Bush greeting a local man a happy birthday, to shocking headlines about a man who sues Guinness about his claim for having the "largest "appendage" (penis) in the world, there's so many scandalously witty stories to choose from that the recipient will surely get amused with - guaranteed!


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