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personalized shooting targets


Love shooting targets? It's an uber exciting activity! Want to gift one? Make sure it isn't a dull one! Someone annoys you big time? Then this is the perfect item for all of the above - the personalized shooting targets!

personalized shooting targets

The's personalized shooting targets are so easy to personalize! It's printed on newsprint and you provide the image of your choice. It will then be cut out and placed under the target rings. Whether it's Osama bin Laden, Bill Clinton, Kim Kardashian, your MIL, your ex or a criminal - it's possible! It's a funny addition to your recreation room. It's definitely a great gift for a pal; provide the face of his enemy and you'll be the bestest best friend on Earth! The personalized shooting target is also a great gift to your foe - with his picture on! 

The personalized shooting target can be used for pistol, handgun, rifle, shotgun, air gun, BB gun, pellet gun, darts, blow-gun, paintball, slingshot, long bow, cross-bow, pumpkin cannon (pumpkin chucker), RPG, laser, catapult, potato gun, water balloon launcher, and so much more!

To order a personalized shooting target, click HERE. Check out more posters at


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