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Fake Newspaper


This Personalized Small Size Fake Newspaper may be petite in size, yet it looks just like the real newspaper you see on newsstands. Plus, it's definitely packed with all the features that a legitimate newspaper has so you are guaranteed of an authentic "real newspaper" experience without feeling doubtful or worried that your fake newspaper prank or activity will turn out to be a mess.

Fake Newspaper

If you are looking for a unique and totally tremendous gift then this Personalized Small Size Newspaper is the perfect present to give. Express that extraordinary moment towards your recipient, making them feel more special and cherished. Anyone wants to be featured on a newspaper article that contains the things that people love about them, so this personalized newspaper is guaranteed to impress them, which will make them treasure this one-of-a-kind gift.

Have an upcoming stage play or movie production? Make the scenes that include reading a newspaper truly classy and genuine with a personalized small size newspaper from FakeNewspapers.Com. You don't need to settle for those tacky and fake-looking newspapers because you are absolutely guaranteed of only the best, the exceptional, and the most realistic looking newspapers for your movie scene!

A Personalized Small Size Newspaper could also serve as a fantastic invite for weddings, vow renewals or occasions that are travel, literature or vintage-themed. See the wedding or event details written impeccably on the personalized newspaper and astound everyone!

The Personalized Small Size Newspaper has a size of approximately 6x9 inches. It has torn edges, making it look as if it was really torn out of a regular-sized newspaper, providing that extra-genuine look.

Get to choose from 2 Quantities!

Quantity 1 - 10 Copies

Quantity 2 - 20 Copies

Get the Personalized Small Size Fake Newspaper HERE


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