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Fake "Wanted" Posted FBI Style


Fake "Wanted" Posted FBI Style

Are you having a hard time finding a fine poster for your upcoming school skit? Does your department have a presentation for your company’s approaching event? Is your best friend coming from being away for such a long time that the thought of pulling off a surprise gag for her just sounds so appealing? Whatever purpose a fake wanted poster serves, you’ll save yourself from all the hassles of creating one and you’ll prevent any risk of making a fake-ish looking poster. Thanks to the Fake Wanted Posters from, you are guaranteed of an affordable personalized poster that looks and feels oh so real!

A fake wanted poster could be used in productions, school and work activities and other event in the community that is hilariously themed. It is also a great item for birthdays, bridal parties, bachelor parties and other celebrations. It can even serve as a gift to your sibling or friend that will ultimately be remembered. Just fill in the person’s details and with the high quality poster paper, you already have a gift that will definitely make your friend smile (or cry!). You won’t get surprised if you see it posted on his bedroom wall for sure! You can also complete your gift giving with a touch of prank. You could have one up at a bulletin board at work, post it on the locker area at your school or perhaps out one at a corkboard on your local supermarket. Remember that an enjoyable experience is much more priceless than a gift item so spread some cheers and laughter with the use of some creativity and with the help of a fake wanted poster from

You will receive not one but three, yes, three identical personalized posters that are printed in strips that measure 42” in width and 19” in height. These are printed on a heavy poster paper and the print is of high quality, never folded, and shipped in a roll tube, ensuring that you’ll receive the posters in its best possible condition. 

For only $ 29.95, you’d get 3 fake wanted posters which could convince anyone that these are actually real! CLICK HERE to learn more about the fake wanted posters only from the best,! 


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