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Fake Newspaper


Fake Newspaper

Start your year 2018 with a bang, with a shocking Fake Newspaper Prank that will traumatize your prank victims. Treat your family and friends with a dreadful announcement that will leave them speechless and dumbfounded; something that will bother them even in the years to come.

What would you do if you've read the news about someone you know, stripping down in a public car wash, exposing everything to everyone? Now imagine yourself being capable of humiliating someone who has been a pain in the neck? Or simply being able to pull off a funny fake newspaper prank on a family member or buddy. Wow! It's gonna be one helluva gag, absolutely! Seeing them getting surprised and all, as they read the news that your brother, cousin or a distant relative is making headlines, getting famous and all that… by getting naked!

Visualize how your colleagues or friends react as you show them a realistic newspaper that shows the news about an annoying officemate or friend gaining popularity because of an indecent exposure. Just brilliant!

If your family member or a friend is OC — always making sure that he keeps himself 100% clean and tidy all the time — then this could be a perfect prank for him. If he felt the need to strip down to take a bath at a public car wash, then this is perfectly suitable and realistic!

Wanna mix some elements of fun, humor and delight to your reunion or a certain occasion? Personalize your subject's name and details on this amazingly Funny Fake Newspaper News Article. You will be surprised by how genuine it looks, reads and feels. Printed on real newsprint, there will be no room for doubts and speculations: just pure awe, surprise and shock as they read the humiliating headline and embarrassing news about the subject's stripping escapade. Whew!

Have fun this coming New Year! Get this Personalized Funny Fake Newspaper Article from FakeNewspapers.Com, personalize it as you please, and have ultimate entertainment and fun afterwards!


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