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Fake Cans


Fake Cans


Now is the excellent time to treat your friends into a trickery that they won't forget for the rest of their lives! Go ahead and marvel at how funny, distinct and realistic our Fake Cans and Fake Ingredients are and enjoy planning your food prank!

The Personalized Fake Cans and Fake Food Ingredients can help you do your Food Prank successfully! The fake cans look absolutely real — you don't really need to exert too much effort preparing a fake food or fake meal for your Food Prank. You can actually serve anything that you usually prepare. We can put your family in a really awful, hilarious and crazy moment by helping you plan for that awesome food prank with a surprise element! Never again will you settle for a tacky and corny family prank. You, mom, dad, siblings and the rest of your family are bound to have an awesome time laughing your heart out after you've accomplished a wacky Food Prank that will surely leave everyone with priceless memories!

Evoke disgust and terror among your friends temporarily! On your next birthday treat them to a lovely party — and into an outrageous time with a disgusting, horrible and mean Food Prank using our Fake Cans and Fake Ingredients! Serve a bowl of a scrumptious dish and tell them that you have mixed a truly 'nice' ingredient: a dehydrated mice! Impress them with a yummy addition to your party menu and tell them that the key ingredient that you've tried made it even more delicious and extraordinary… the Cameltoe Soup!

Make your regular day a spectacular moment with our luscious, mouthwatering, and totally delectable food prank that is showered with hilarity and fun, brought to you by FakeNewspapers.Com!

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