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You may have thought that personalizing an item is easy. Lots of stuff and crafts can be easily DIY'd these days, right? But admit it or not, either we do not have the artistic flair to be able to accomplish a realistic or nearly perfect outcome, or we just do not have the luxury of time to do it. We are so busy and preoccupied these days that we honestly do not have the energy, time and patience to go through the process of personalizing something, only for it to end up looking cheap and tacky.

Good news to those looking for realistic fake newspapers that are totally customizable! The leading provider of exceptional fake newspapers, FakeNewspapers.Com offers an extensive selection of fake newspaper types that you can personalize to fit your needs. And the most remarkable thing about our Personalized Fake Newspapers is the fact that you can have plenty of option to personalize it, and we will be happy to walk you through the process and help you achieve the best and the perfect fake newspaper for you!

One of our hottest fake newspaper types is the 'Personalized Full Size Newspaper'. If you are leaning towards obtaining a fake newspaper that expresses so much authentic appeal and carries that realistic vibe, then you're definitely at the right place! With our amazing products, you are the boss! Allow us to make sure that everything is of superb quality, as you provide all the details that you want and incorporate them to achieve the most convincing fake newspaper ever. You'll be impressed!

The Personalized Full Size Newspaper measures 13 x 23 inches. It is a regular-sized newspaper, but cut in half. Choose 'Quantity 1' if you want it to come with 2 copies. 'Quantity 2' if you want it to come with 4 copies.

You can also choose between an Aged Newspaper or a Normal Newspaper.

You may also request for additional fillers, no problem!

Get your very own Personalized Full Size Newspaper now and start having fun!


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