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Personalized Committed Relationship Certificates


Personalized Committed Relationship Certificates

Not yet ready to pop the question? Not yet ready to say 'Yes!' to that big question? Or just not yet ready to take things to the next level? Regardless, the Personalized Committed Relationship Certificates and fake certificates from FakeNewspapers.Com will make things easier for you and your partner!

Thankfully, arrangements and relationships are somewhat more 'flexible' these days. We do not need to force ourselves for a certain label; it's refreshing to know that we can actually create our very own label! It's awesome how goal-driven and responsible couples get these days. Some even choose to put marriage aside to give way to fulfilling their dreams, responsibilities and other things that are more urgent. Other couples are contented in the faith and commitment that are found in each other that a marriage is just some sort of a formality; many unmarried couples have lived happily ever after! To each their own, indeed. And getting married is a major life decision, so if you want to put off your wedding or don't want to get married at all, then the Personalized Committed Relationship Certificates from FakeNewspapers.Com is just what you need!

Show your love and commitment to your partner by giving him or her a Personalized Committed Relationship Certificate. This will surely make them feel more secure and appreciated!

Give this Personalized Committed Relationship Certificates to your fiancé, while waiting and planning for your wedding day. Remember that there are instances where engaged couples separate so this certificate may serve as a warning to each other to keep holding on and to be stronger for each other — despite the challenges along the way. How empowering!

Still not yet ready to tie the knot but you love your partner immensely? Don't stress yourself! Simply hand this Personalized Committed Relationship Certificates to your partner and let him or her know about your doubts and fears. This will give the both of you the strength and confidence that you need. Who knows? Maybe the two of you may work out something!

Or simply want something fun? Why not give this Personalized Committed Relationship Certificate to your hubby, partner, boyfriend, fiancé, your crush, idol or imaginary boyfriend then?

Can also be a great anniversary gift!

The fun Personalized Committed Relationship Certificates measure 8.5 x 11 Inches. You'll receive two identical personalized certificates. Feel free to provide the name of parties, date and other information to fully personalize your certificate. Oh, and the Personalized Committed Relationship Certificates are pressure embossed too with a notary-type stamp, that guarantees an authentic look and feel.

Choose from our fake certificates gallery or get the Personalized Committed Relationship Certificates to strengthen your relationship!


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