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Halloween Theme Certificate


Halloween Theme Certificate

Getting tired of the usual Halloween stuff that you've been using since you were a child? Getting exhausted with all those old school objects that are constantly used over and over again during the Halloween season? Then fret no more as these exciting Trick or Treat items from will surely surprise you while you are planning for that perfect Halloween party or for that excellent and uber outrageous Halloween surprise or prank!

It's nice to play it safe when it comes to spending this much-awaited holiday, but it's definitely way better to have it done in a unique and brand new way! The extraordinary yet crazy trick or treat items below are so cool, it is the perfect tool to shock, scare, terrify or even please your Halloween prank victims or the people around you!

1. Skull Personalized Marriage Certificate

Rock on! Give your significant other, or hand this to anyone as you see fit and witness how they'd get surprised as they look through this genuine-looking skull-themed personalized marriage certificate!

2. Horrific Joke Article

Choose from the despicable, creepy and totally terrifying joke articles HERE. Make any changes on the default article, add even the names of your prank victims and see them tremble in terror!

3. Halloween Recipes

Prepare a Halloween recipe that you have lovingly concocted just for them, using the special ingredients like cameltoe soup, kitten ovaries, poodle ribs and many more!

4. Halloween Fake FBI Poster Prank

Tell your Halloween Prank victim that you saw his face on an FBI Wanted Poster which you secretly got from FakeNewspapers! See him quiver in fear!

5. Scary Halloween Custom Gift Wrap

Order a customized Halloween Gift Wrap with some gory, bloody and tremendously gruesome designs and characters, ready to fright and sicken your Halloween gift recipient. Bloodcurdling, yet ultimately fun!

See how cool and entertaining it would be if you start using these edgy, fresh and one-of-a-kind Trick or Treat items from FakeNewspapers.Com!


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