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All NEW products and an all NEW Website!
Bride and Groom Kissing


Bride and Groom Kissing

The 'Just Got Married' prank is a definite must-try because it's so convincing and so real, which promises fun and cherish-worthy knee-slapping memories for the whole fam!

We've all seen those wedding, engagement and all bridal-related pranks. They're indeed funny and effective, but if you do not want to carry out difficult pranking setups, don't want to humiliate someone and if you don't want to receive some yawns and blank stares after a failed prank, then it's a great idea that you simply sit back, relax and choose the Just Got Married prank with the help of the fabulous array of fake marriage certificates and gag items offered by FakeNewspapers.Com!

The Personalized Fake Marriage Certificates from FakeNewspapers.Com are often used for surprises, gifts, mementos, and any other entertainment purposes. If you opt to use a fake marriage certificate for a highly entertaining 'Just Got Married Prank', you will be guaranteed of a convincing prank that will surely shock everyone who's involved, but will also assure them of an awesome time with a laugh and snort afterwards… for hours!

Are you a guy who wants to treat your parents to a crazy prank that will leave you and your family with precious memories? Ask a friend to act like an alcoholic woman or a lady with missing teeth, or let her put on a totally crazy and messy makeup then bring her to meet your parents, telling them that you've just gotten married by showing them with a realistic Fake Marriage Certificate. This is gonna be the biggest prank that you're ever pull off in your lifetime!

Are you already engaged? Then prank your friends that you and your fiancé have just been secretly married in Maldives or Tahiti by showing them a gorgeous Fake Marriage Certificate!

Is someone stalking you online? Post a fake marriage certificate with your name and a random guy or a friend's name on it (with their permission) and shoo your stalker away by announcing that you're already married!

There's an overflowing funny ideas and crazy concepts where you can use a brilliantly crafted Personalized Fake Marriage Certificate, proudly offered by FakeNewspapers.Com Choose from our wide array of fake marriage certificates and be mesmerized!

Image Source: sevenminutechannel / 99 images via Pixabay under the Creative Commons CC0 licence.


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