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Fake Newspaper


...doctors report the number of requests "beyond ridiculous".

This is one of the most shocking medical breakthrough that you will ever hear in your lifetime! But other than that, this could be the most requested and most in demand serum ever available. We wouldn't get surprised if doctors would have a hard time accommodating the sudden surge of visits from married couples and those who are in a committed relationship, asking for this stupefying medical innovation.

The Pre-Written funny viral Article "New Serum Dubbed The Marriage Vaccine" is about a recently developed serum that "inhibits a person's interest in the opposite sex". This is a perfectly hilarious newspaper article for married, engaged or in a relationship couples or those who have just broken up with their exes and needed that much-needed boost.

This can also be used as an excellent gift to newlyweds. The New Serum Dubbed "The Marriage Vaccine" newspaper article is also a perfect present for bridal parties, bachelor parties and also a great surprise for your friend who has recently just said yes to her fiancé’s proposal. Heaps of laughter await as they read their names appear as the subject or topic on the news article printed on a real newspaper paper. Provide the Newspaper Name of your choice - be it your local newspaper or the Wall Street Journal, USA Today or The New York Times! 

Fake Newspaper

Opposite sex got you down? Get a shot!

Whole Size is a two-sheet, eight-page WHOLE newspaper WITH HEADLINE

Poster Size is HUGE, printed on stiffer poster stock; one page WITH HEADLINE

Small Size is SMALL -- roughly a 6 x 9 inch "Pocket Clipping" with NO HEADLINE

Tabloid is tabloid sized, smaller than the Enquirer; one sheet, two pages each WITH HEADLINE

Full size is one full page, NOT one full SHEET; it's an INSIDE half-sheet page with NO HEADLINE

Just provide the names and any other information that you want to appear on the article. You can use the exact content or add/make any changes to it. Your choice. Set yourselves to a wondrous time with this outrageous pre-written funny viral article by FakeNewspapers!


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