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Marriage Certificate


Already married and want to put your marriage certificate on view, but definitely don't want to display your original one?

Feeling bored with how your marriage certificate looks like?

Is your mom and dad's wedding anniversary coming?

Are you thinking of a delightful, unique gift to give to your best friend and her hubby's anniversary?

Do you wanna prank your friends by showing them an evidence that you're married with Will Smith?


You have certainly landed on the perfect place to obtain what you need - a fake marriage certificate!

A fake marriage certificate is frequently used by married couples to protect their original certificates. There's no need for them to stick to the old school method of laminating and putting their original marriage certificates on a frame. The convenience of keeping their original marriage certificates, and avoiding the hassle and expenses in obtaining a copy if it gets damaged will be truly enjoyed by them. Best of all, they can select from an array of great fake marriage certificate designs provided by FakeNewspapers.Com that will suit their taste or wedding theme. Truly remarkable!

Marriage Certificate

For those who are recently engaged, a fake marriage certificate is also a great way to remind themselves of their commitments - it's something posted on the bedroom wall that will definitely deepen the excitement for their upcoming union.

Marriage Certificate

Holding a mini-reunion at home? Give them a good time by pulling off a fake marriage certificate prank. Post a fake marriage certificate on your living room wall, have it framed, and let your highschool classmates, schoolmates and buddies stand in awe while they see your name and that of Keanu Reeves or Zac Efron's on an the authentic-looking fake marriage certificate. Then you could ask them to keep it as a "secret", LOL! Even if they think you're a lunatic or a mean girl joking around, one thing's definitely sure - it's just the beginning of endless fun and laughter!

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