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Fake Newspaper


Fake Newspaper

Get ready for the biggest breakthrough! This marriage vaccine will solve your marriage and relationship woes instantly!

FakeNewspapers.Com has produced an exciting fake news article that will render you speechless, boggle your mind, make your jaws drop, and something that will captivate you big time!

If you or someone you know is suffering from a major break-up or has just ended a relationship, this news article is the perfect item to put a smile on his face!

This article talks about the newly-developed marriage vaccine "nyetsx4moi" which inhibits a person's interest in the opposite sex or even in the same sex. Never again will he endure the pain and heartache. This vaccine will release him from the bondage of pain and hurt in the future, caused by a failed relationship! Because of this new breakthrough, the person receiving this vaccine will be revitalized, enlivened, and can then focus on himself!

This is also an ideal gag gift for those who are pursuing a career. If you have a friend who is a certified workaholic or you've got a family member who is so driven and focused on his business or professional life, and he doesn't have time for family gatherings anymore, then hand them a custom article such as this Marriage Vaccine Article and make them laugh... or allow them to rethink their life and realize not to miss the other important things that matter!

Is your best friend a man or woman-hater? Make them laugh or annoy them with this funny Marriage Vaccine News Article! Either way, they're still gonna love you for injecting some humor to their day! The best part is that they will be ultimately shocked by this news! As this looks like the real thing and written in a professional and legitimate manner!

Do you have a friend who loves to date plenty of men or do you have a buddy who's a certified womanizer? Make them reassess their life choices and habits by pranking them with this funny fake news with a realistic write-up! Tell them to be more careful as they may just get a shot of the nyetsx4moi vaccine — guaranteed to eliminate their biological sex drives! About time for them to concentrate on more productive and worthwhile relationships than to waste time playing around!



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