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All NEW products and an all NEW Website!
All NEW products and an all NEW Website!
Fake Marriage Certificate


Fake Marriage Certificates are so fun to have and to hold, but it's also a marvelously entertaining item to give to our loved ones, and an ultimately funny piece to use for our next prank!

When we hear the words fake, we always think of something that is of poorer quality, but the ones who have seen and ordered the Personalized Marriage Certificates from FakeNewspapers found otherwise - all they have discovered was a personalized marriage certificate that look and feel so factual, with the designs so professionally crafted and with the overall look that is actually nicer, more head-turning and more sophisticated than a real one. With so many themes to choose from, everyone is set to enjoy the Personalized Marriage Certificate for whatever purpose it serves them!

Our wide array of Personalized Marriage Certificates continually wows our customers, but these two Marriage Certficates are a knockout too. See how beautiful and genuine looking these certificates are, you'll end up browsing our collection, and eventually having a hard time choosing which is the best as they all look fantastic!

1. Utilitarian Style

Fake Marriage Certificate

If you are aiming for a timeless style and classy design that will remain stylish and sophisticated in the years to come, then this Utilitarian Style Personalized Marriage Certificate is the ideal one for you. You will definitely be impressed by its sophisticated design that evidently matches the beautiful font. The rustic colors make it even more genuine-looking, not to mention appealing! If you need a personalized marriage certificate that looks exemplary, then go for the Utilitarian Style Marriage Certificate!

2. Simply Elegant Style

Simplicity is beauty. If this is your favorite adage then might as well grab this delicate, yet exquisitely decorated Personalized Marriage Certificate! With the airy design that will leave you refreshed, it's not surprising why more and more couple order this marriage certificate as a novelty item on their wedding parties, bridal events and even as a substitute for their real marriage certificates, as it surely is prettier than the original ones! The blending of the background, font and accents comprise this radiant, uncomplicated and truly flawless Personalized Marriage Certificate. has a brilliant collection of diverse Personalized Marriage Certificate designs and styles to choose from, ready to please anyone's taste and preferences.

The certificates are pressure embossed with a notary-type stamp for a more legitimate feel and look! Hurry, order the Personalized Fake Marriage Certificates and be inspired by their captivating design!


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