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Image Credit: OpenClipartVectors / 18085 images via Pixabay under the CC0 Public Domain.

UFO's. Many of us are extremely fascinated by it. Some of us do believe in it, thinking that we're not really alone in the universe, others even naively accept them as true on UFO vids on YouTube, incessantly sharing and commenting on them, getting stressed and all that, without even checking the veracity of it. And a few, well, they just don't give a sh*t about it. Regardless, news about unidentified flying objects, whether accurate or not, just pique our interest. How come? That's because no matter how we want to be indifferent towards it, we cannot deny the fact that there’s a possibility of it really happening!

NASA has actually confirmed some UFO sightings, but other reliable astronomical societies and organizations couldn't even forecast the arrival of a UFO. What if you want to prank your UFO-obsessed pal that there's actually an unidentified object hovering around your town – or her house? Well, now you know where and whom to use this fake UFO newspaper article! :D

Are you in need of an office prank? This will surely scare your annoying boss or an offending coworker! Have your work address printed on this fake article, and post this on your office bulletin board - anonymously! You'll be surprised how powerful this fake article will transform their boring day into a nerve-wracking one!

Want your mom to loosen up a bit? Yes, we know you love her, but it's about time for her to loosen up! Show her this funny UFO article and video her reaction. Be sure to treat her to a dinner afterwards so she won't get mad at you!

Read the funny fake UFO article by clicking this link - Unidentified Object Over City


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