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Fake marriage certificate


Lost your marriage certificate and all set to get a new one? And just got surprised by the long waiting time to have it released, not to mention the fees and hassle that come with it? The personalized fake marriage certificates from FakeNewspapers may come in handy! offers a plethora of traditional and unconventional personalized marriage certificate designs, and you are guaranteed that there's a design that resembles that of your ruined marriage certificate or there's a style that matches your impeccable taste. Getting a replacement for a marriage certificate could be a tedious task. We’re all so busy these days, right? Thankfully, the marriage certificates from FakeNewspapers can be a great, temporary replacement while you still don't have the luxury of time to apply for a new one, or if you still don't have the budget for the costs that it involves. Some newly-married couples, those who often change homes and are always on the go prefer to use the personalized marriage certificates from fakenewspapers. Why? The rationale is simple. They want to protect their original marriage certificates so they carry a personalized marriage certificate from FakeNewspapers with them or use the said personalized marriage certificate for display in their homes. At least, they won't get a headache if their toddler played with it ripped it apart, or if their preschooler threw a basketball towards the framed personalized marriage certificate causing it to be torn, or their dog played with it. They can always re-order anyway. Due to how busy and super hectic our schedules are these days, it is really sensible to use a personalized marriage certificate.

These two personalized marriage certificate designs look so authentic. Imagine having you and your spouse's name on it, framing it and posting it up on your living room or bedroom wall. No one will ever notice that it's a mere copy. Because of its exceptional design and genuine-looking appearance, it promises you an authentic look. The personalized marriage certificates from FakeNewspapers are also pressure embossed, with a notary-type stamp in the upper left, providing a more legitimate feel.

Fake Certificate
Fake Certificate 
These personalized marriage certificates could also serve as a great gift for those couples who are celebrating their anniversaries or vow renewals. You may order the certificates blank or you can provide the couple's name to appear on the certificate. Either way, the look of these personalized fake marriage certificates will be seamless – an absolutely perfect present indeed! 

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