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Two Frog Kissing


Surprise your significant other - or perhaps shock them! Sure you'd still have that admiration for the classic stuff given as a Valentine’s Day gift and the traditional activities that are enjoyed by many during this love month. But we can't deny the fact that some people and couples lean towards a fun, unique, edgy and totally memorable Valentines Day! 

Two Frog Kissing

Image Source: Alexas_Fotos / 5337 images via Pixabay under CC0 Public Domain

These hot and totally creative items are guaranteed to put a smile on your recipient's face and are set to make the 14th of February an unforgettable date for you or your loved ones!

1. Fake marriage certificates

The best gift that you could gift to your significant other, parents or couples who are dear to your heart!

2. Personalized committed relationship certificates 

Guys, not ready to propose just yet, but 90% sure that your girl is the one? Give this to her and she'll appreciate you more for sure! Girls, give this to your boyfriend or partner, and send them a hint that you're "waiting" for them to pop the question - in a non-threatening way!

3. Giant check 

Give a cash gift this Valentines in style. Write an actual account number on the check and your receiver will never forget you - ever!

4. Funny fake article 

An excellent Valentine's Day gift could be a fake writeup about your recipient that's funny, enrgrossing and out of this world!

5. Fake cans 

Eccentricity is beauty, and when combined with hilarity - they'd forget all the troubles in life with these super funny fake cans. What a way to make someone extremely happy this Valentine's Day!

6. Calendar with couple photo 

Aww, very sweet! Perfect for the couples whom we treasure big time, and our bosses, so they'd be nice to us! :D

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