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How Special is a Personalized Whole Size Newspaper?

Feeling stressed out at work? Getting tired of the monotony at your workplace? Then de-stress using a personalized whole size newspaper from! This fantastic item is a great gag piece to add some spice to your routine in the school or at work. Though more people prefer to do this trick on a day where there's a special occasion, most make a regular day more memorable by pulling off this prank. A gagging antic energizes not only you and your subject, but giving a good laugh to the people around you is also revitalizing for them. It eliminates the nervousness and feeling of burnout from the dullness out of your work duties. It's infectious as the funny experience will linger on in the days to come for sure!

So what's so extraordinary about a fake newspaper prank? Simple. It's extremely realistic as we are in the cyber age where millions of people around the world depend on the Internet. They won't have time to think that a newspaper is actually a phony one. So when you hand it to your victim, expect a super "convinced" reaction from them, realizing it after some time or, if you're lucky, discovering about it only after you've divulged the truth! Make up a news or article about your victim and all of you will soon laughing for hours! If you opt to give it as a gift, a heartwarming story or message printed on the newspaper will be treasured for years! Forget about the same old birthday cards, this is the best gift that you could give to your special someone and you won't get surprised if it gets framed afterwards.

It can be also be used for films, school activities and presentations, other events, and so much more! So versatile! Personalize it by filling your preferred information found HERE.

Get to know more about the personalized whole size newspaper. Click this link!


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