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Yes, the remarkable Giant Crossword Puzzle from FakeNewspapers will surely improve your life! The therapeutic benefits of solving a crossword puzzle will really make your normal day a truly refreshing one! What more if it’s a gigantic one? Give your dull days with their much-needed lift, and let the positivity flow into your life, transforming it with the inspiration that comes from an invigorating activity like solving an "extra large" crossword puzzle from FakeNewspapers!


The most incredible part of the Giant Crossword Puzzle is the opportunity for you to customize it in a way that you want it to be. You can call it your very own! You will love this Giant Crossword Puzzle as it will reflect your group, school, company or organization!

Because of its huge size, a Giant Crossword Puzzle also makes a great wall poster. Choose between "Plain Jane" or "Creative" and impress your family, friends, colleagues and teammates with the classy style of Plain Jane crossword puzzles or with the astonishingly unique designs of the Creative crossword puzzles.

Have your Giant Crossword Puzzle in permanent print. Want to use and reuse it? Then go for the Dry-Erase type and have immense fun over and over again.

Whatever theme you have in mind, it is always possible to incorporate it to the Giant Crossword Puzzle that you are ordering. Provide the words and clues and offer never-ending fun and amusement to everyone!

The Giant Crossword Puzzles from FakeNewspapers are humongous! Gone are the days that you have to squint while solving a teeny-weeny puzzle. Our puzzles are about 42 x 54 inches in size. Provide us with a minimum of 20 words up to 200! The more words you will be using, the tighter the puzzle will be packed, allowing more intersecting words and much smaller squares. Smaller quantity of words will give you fewer cross-connected words, and remarkably larger square sizes.

Add a spice to your lackluster day, bland event or to your unexciting life! Let this awesome Giant Crossword Puzzle transform it in so many unbelievable ways!

ORDER YOURS HERE: FakeNewspapers Giant Crossword Puzzle


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