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Fake Newspaper


Got a friend or a coworker who's a known headache sufferer or malingerer? Then this article is the one that you've been waiting for all along...

Now you have found the perfect gift to give. You can give this fantastic personalized funny fake newspaper containing an outrageously realistic news about your friend's condition as an excellent birthday present! If you plan to arrange a birthday prank for her with the use of this funny fake headache article then go for it! It's equally enjoyable anyway.

This fake article is just the right thing for your coworker who always feigns being sick just to avoid the other work tasks or rendering overtime at work. Hand this funny personalized article to him with his name on it and see his shock reading an article about his so called condition. Let's see if he still feigns his headache once again! This will surely teach him a lesson- in a gentler and funnier way. You will also make the atmosphere in your workplace even livelier and fun. Imagine how you could make your working environment more positive by showing them this hilarious and entertaining fake article that that you could only get from

This fake news is engaging and looks as if it's written by a real journalist. You may also use the default article, or make any changes as you see fit, so you could come up with the perfect fake headache article that you have in mind. Then you can have it printed on a real newspaper - either in whole size, poster size, small size, tabloid size or full size - whatever makes you happy! There's also an option to add a photo of your victim or subject to make it extra real. With this professionally written article printed on a genuine-looking newspaper, everyone will be convinced that this funny fake newspaper news has actually transpired and documented! 

Fake Newspaper

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