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FB-04 Everything I Know By John Ashcroft

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Tough Guy

Item Number — FB-04

Okay. Let’s be realistic. 2003.

We’re at war. Some really stupid individuals are doing their best to take from us a way of life that’s quite a bit better than their way of life. It’s serious, and serious steps need to be taken to protect us. Some toes are going to get stepped on—some rights bruised. But it’s survival time, and shit happens.

The problem is that some of us are going too damned far.

Cover Graphics May Vary Slightly. Size is roughly 3.75 inches wide, and about 6.5 inches tall (like a regular paperback). Thickness is +- 5/8 inches.

This is a standard-size paperback book, professionally crafted.
All pages are BLANK. Only the cover graphic is shown above. 

If you want the BIGGEST laugh at your next political bull session, whip this baby out. You’ll be awarded the “Grand Poobah” for political incorrectness and Sahara-dry satirical humor.

Hey—political satire is still legal, isn’t it?