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Earth Graduation Certificate

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Fed up?
Have you evolved spiritually beyond the silly antics of Earth-bound humans?

Graduate from Earth!
What does this mean?
It means that when you “pass”, you won’t have
to be reincarnated into a life back on Earth.
You’ll go “somewhere else”, presumably a
nice and happy place where beings are evolved,
where they’re honest and true and smart.
We’re not talking “Heaven”, because perfection sounds
pretty boring. We’re talking a whole new life on
another planet, or possibly a much cooler parallel
universe. Maybe even Zeta Riticuli. Or Mars.
We’re not sure exactly where you’ll go, but this
certificate will keep you from coming back HERE,
and isn’t that all that matters….

Item Number — FC-44

For Entertainment Purposes Only, of Course…

Image depicts a texture which is printed onto smooth stock. Media is not textured.
Gold seal in lower left is pressure-embossed onto certificate, not printed.

FC-44, “Graduate from Earth” generally ships within 1-2 days.

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Item Number — FC-44