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35×18 inches Giant Checks on hi-gloss, rigid, dry-erase Gatorboard (FCH-14)

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Large Novelty Checks, Huge Checks, Giant Checks, Gag Checks, Contest Winner Checks, Corporate Event Checks,
Party Checks, Gigantic Checks, Humungous Checks, Fake Checks, Oversized Checks

Make Your Own
from scratch

This Giant Check requires only that you fill in the blanks and supply
your logo (optional). To see our complete line of Giant Contest
Winner-type Checks click HERE

Item Number FCH-14
35×18 inches Giant Checks on hi-gloss, rigid,
dry-erase Gatorboard (FCH-14)

*** If I provide the actual banking information from my checking account for the giant checks, how secure is this information?

*** It’s exactly as secure as it is every other time you mail or hand someone or some company a check. You’re not providing any information to us that you don’t provide to anyone who receives one of your checks.

Real Giant Checks

Remember: You are responsible for your image. If you supply a poor quality logo image, it will print on your check(s) as a poor quality logo image!

Is ordering a giant check “SAFE”? It’s exactly as safe as paying someone by check. We do not ask you for any info that is not already printed on your check, nor will we ever do so. TrixiePixGraphics will never contact you in this regard.

Are these checks actually cashable? Will the bank really honor them?Yes. Unless you use non-real numbers in the account and routing fields (e.g. 123456), or unless your bank manager / president is just a stink-butt. We’ve been advised of one (1) case, out of many thousands of giant checks sold and cashed at banks, in which the bank manager refused to process the check. The normal procedure is for the bank to duplicate the check data onto a special form (which all banks have) which can be processed through their machinery. It is the same form they use to process damaged / crumpled / torn checks of normal size. They will not usually keep your Giant Check. Assuming your check data is valid and there’s money in the account, you should get your loot on the spot. Most banks see it as something “fun”, and which promotes good will among its customers.Recently a local grade school held a competition in which each class competed to create the wackiest, most unusual check. The class to win the $25 prize wrote theirs on a watermelon. The bank cashed it without a hitch. A personal check is nothing more than a contract. As long as all the elements of the contract are present and legible, a personal check (which is essentially an IOU), may be (and has been) printed on a drink coaster, a t-shirt, someone’s bare back, someone’s bare front, a forearm, the sole of a foot, a baseball bat, a square of toilet paper (unused we presume), upon the actual bill that caused the check to be written, on a condom using a felt pen, and no doubt a thousand other media types that we’ve never heard of. In the case of a personal check which cannot physically go through the automated processing machinery, the bank will often issue a second document, of regular size and using the data from the gag check, and will process and cancel that.

Giant gag checks can be used for fun, to pay off a long-standing debt to a friend, to make the last payment on a 200 year mortgage. Or to use as a birthday present (these make GREAT birthday presents), or to pay your horrendously large bar-tab. Giant gag checks also have nefarious uses. Pay your tax bill with one, for instance. You’ll probably get audited every year for the rest of your life, but even that can be entertaining. Use them to pay debts you really don’t think you owe, but which you’re stuck paying—like the repair bill on your car, your car registration, your electric bill, your rent, parking ticket fines… Since these are a legal document, the payee is hard-pressed to come up with a legitimate reason to refuse it. If they send it back, you’ll have proof that you tried to pay the bill, but the payee refused to accept it. Tell them to feel free to contact you at some point in the future when they are more interested in accepting your perfectly legal payment.

Choose Color

You’ll choose the color on the data form. These are the choices. Note: colors shown below may not accurately reflect the actual printed colors, depending on the setup of your monitor.

More Designs and Backgrounds

Use these to pay your medical malpractice insurance. They’ll get the point. And they’re especially gratifying to use when paying a speeding ticket or other infraction. We use them, for instance, to pay for our office space. Just give it some thought—you’ll think of someone you want to notice you.

Read More about using giant checks

Giant Checks are laid out as shown above. We will not perform custom layout work If our stock layouts won’t work for you, you may create your own from scratch.

Before you order please consider this: We receive orders all the time which are incomplete or which contain some element or special instruction which is unclear. Most of these are received as rush, Next Day Air orders, so we naturally try to process them quickly. But we cannot complete your order if we have a question and cannot reach you. Please, please, we beg you, check your email periodically for the first 12-24 hours or so after placing any order, but especially a rush order. Thank you!

Item Number FCH-14
35×18 inches Giant Checks on hi-gloss, rigid,
dry-erase Gatorboard (FCH-14)