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35×18 inches Giant Checks on semi-gloss, rigid, non-erasable Gatorboard (FCH-13)

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Large Novelty Checks, Huge Checks, Giant Checks, Gag Checks, Contest Winner Checks, Corporate
Event Checks, Party Checks, Gigantic Checks, Humungous Checks, Fake Checks, Oversized Checks

Make Your Own
from scratch

Please See for ordering and updated product information.

CAUTION: This item requires that you supply your own complete image
of a check. If you’d rather just fill in the blanks on one of our pre-made
checks, please click HERE to go back to the giant checks main menu.

Item Number FCH-6
35×18 inches Giant Checks on semi-gloss, very rigid,
non-erasable Gatorboard (FCH-6)

*** If I provide the actual banking information from my checking account for the giant checks, how secure is this information?

*** It’s exactly as secure as it is every other time you mail or hand someone or some company a check. You’re not providing any information to us that you don’t provide to anyone who receives one of your checks.

Real Giant Checks

Now you can design your own Giant Checks exactly to suit your own needs and situation.

Create your check any way you want it, using the software of your choice (Photoshop, MS Publisher, Illustrator, etc.), then save your work as a bitmap (.jpg) at the highest quality setting.

Send us the file.
That’s about it!

Item Number FCH-6
35×18 inches Giant Checks on semi-gloss, very rigid,
non-erasable Gatorboard (FCH-6)
Your image size should equal the size of the check you’re ordering

Image submitted should be no less than 150 DPI at print size

This particular Giant Check is printed on a semi-gloss hi-rez photo media to reduce or eliminate glare and please your professional photographer's Checks are mounted on “Gator-Board”, a material that is “pool-table flat”, extremely stiff, strong, and lightweight. We do not use “foamboard” due to its fragility. There are cheaper, flimsier giant, oversized custom-printed checks on the market which are mounted on a flexible backing called Sintra. They are rolled so as to fit into a small box, and some companies claim they can be unrolled and will lie flat again. Hey! We have some land for sale in the Everglades! Remember: in almost all cases in life, you get what you pay for.. If you need the best, this is it. The Giant Check at your corporate meeting can say class, or it can say “Hey! We’re in a little financial trouble here so we had to buy this flimsy knock-off check!” We will not sell plastic-backed, laminated checks such as Sintra, because Sintra-type materials are expensive yet tend to look cheap (they’re extremely thin and tend to be “wobbley”), and because laminates tend to bubble and delaminate in time, and laminates are also not true dry-erase surfaces and will become more and more difficult to clean. Laminate material also tends to be soft and easily scratched. Beware the checks that are printed onto plain paper media but laminated so they can be called “dry-erase”. Over the years we’ve seen a number of little businesses come along who want to try their hand at Giant Checks. They usually last from a few months to a couple of years and leave a legacy of irritated customers behind. We’ve been making Giant Checks for many, many years. We know what works, what doesn’t (and what should have never been tried in the first place).