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Are We Hot Or Not? Relationship Meter

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How’s Your Love Life? Is it Hot? Or Not?

YOU know. But does your Significant Other know how you feel?

Are you SURE?

Lack of communication is one of the biggest relationship killers.
One person thinks one thing and goes along thinking they know what the other person thinks, when half the time the other person doesn’t even know what they think, let alone what the first person thinks. Both people think the other person will tell them what they think if they think there’s a problem.
But guess what?
Even though we don’t think so, we’re cowards!

This little “passive communicator” gimmick gives each person the opportunity to sneak into the kitchen in the middle of the night and move the little magnets around to reflect how they really feel. You might be shocked to finally know what your mate’s actually thinking, and this is the most painless way for each to learn how the other feels. Have they done something really stoopid lately? Something exceptionally nice? Let ’em know!

Caution: We recommend you start out with most of your magnets near the tops of all categories. Then, over the next week or two, gradually move them where they belong. Too much of a shock right off the bat can cause more harm than it cures!

Size: 8.5 x 11 inches. Water resistant. This glossy magnetic mat sticks to any ferrous surface (refrigerators, stoves, cabinets, etc.).

Number FC-21